Encyclomedia has over 7 000 journalists covering over 120 different beats, making it South Africa’s most comprehensive and detailed media database.

Encyclomedia is the only source of journalists' pitching tips, preferred story angles and other highly valuable background information that you need to be effective.

Encyclomedia extensively covers all media (including freelancers, bloggers, radio and TV producers, etc.) with more detail than you'll find anywhere else.

We call the journalists (not switchboards) to update their details, just before you need it, ensuring you reach the right people with the accurate details.

Choose a media list at a once-off price starting from only R500, with no further subscriptions or ongoing payments. This gives you the most flexibility with a cost-effective way to get the exact media contacts you need, updated just when you need them. See pricing here.




"I decided to subscribe to Encycolmedia’s database services for the first time in May 2010 and have been impressed every step of the way – both with the product and their customer service.

The product they offer makes media list development easy, fast and accurate.

The product is flexible and you decide how many media contacts you want, exactly which ones you want and how much you want to spend on each list.

I would highly recommend this service to other PR companies – it will free up your time to think about press angles and content. "

Zelda Williams, Tale Spin Media, Marketing & Design

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